Timber Frame Drawing Package

Based on your own ideas with the Architect and Engineer's drawings we can provide the following detailed timber frame drawings and cutting lists as a complete package for the manufacture, fabrication and site erection of the timber frame kit.

Dimensioned wallplate layout with cutting list - this layout is essential for the (under building) foundation and brickwork contractors.

Storey height secton showing floor to floor and floor to ceiling dimensions to ensure the correct number and size of soleplates/packers are used on site.

Dimensioned floor joist layout showing all blocking, dwangs/noggings, trimmers, bridles etc and cutting lists.

Detailed floor cassette manufacturing drawings (if required to enable a much faster erecting time on site) with decking layout, cutting lists for joists and decking.

Floor cassette layout for site erection.

Soleplate, locatingplate layouts and cutting lists.

Detailed panel manufacturing drawings showing all sizes/quantities of materials required for the ease of fabricating the wall panels.